How To Get Your Best Hair

Every body wants to be known as the girl with the great hair. Long Rapunzel like hair has always been a goal of mine. Every once in a while I get sick of it and chop it off, but I always go back to wanting long hair again. In my quest for Disney princess quality locks I’ve learned a few things and decided to share here on the blog, enjoy!

Use a Hair Gloss

As someone who loves to constantly experiment with my hair when I saw the Kristen Ess hair gloss I knew I had to try it out. I’ve done a gloss before, but at a salon where it can get pretty pricey. If you don’t know, a gloss is a great way to add a bit of color to your hair as well as condition it and add shine. It isn’t as pigmented as dying your hair and doesn’t last as long either. You can use it in between coloring appointments to give your dye job some longevity as well. I wanted to give my hair a bit more oomph and add some shine, so I decided to give it a whirl. It was really easy to do too! Just mix the two ingredients in the shower (Pro tip: put on the gloves before you get your hands wet) and leave in your hair for 10-20 minutes. The results our instantly noticeable and your coworkers will be asking you if you went to a fancy salon, but jokes on them because this baby is only $10 at Target!


Trim Your Hair

This is something I personally struggle with. As I’m typing this blog post up I have some serious split ends that need a scissors taken to them. My hairdresser advised I get a trim every 3 months and I will probably go to the salon once a year (oops!). So clearly something I need to work on, but do as I say not as I do. I remember growing up people seemed to believe that if you got your hair trimmed regularly your hair would grow faster. This is of course a myth because that is all down to genetics. Some of us are blessed with naturally fast growing hair (me) and some of us aren’t (my sisters haha losers). The real reason why you should get regular trims is because your pesky split ends can travel up your hair and turn into serious breakage. Then you’ll have to chop more off and your dreams of have Rapunzel like hair will die.

Use Less Heat

I knew a girl in high school who not only bleached the crap out of her hair, but straightened it every day too (thoughts and prayers for her hair). If you cringed, because girl same, then you probably know that you’re not supposed to use a ton of heat (but do it anyways). So instead of going cold turkey, because we know a girl loves a curl, try to make your hair last longer. There are so many great products on the market (some of which I just bought from target and am going to test out) that there’s no reason to be using heat tools everyday.


Use Sulfate Free Hair Products

You might be wondering why sulfates are bad for your hair, but actually it’s that they’re too good. Sulfates are used in shampoo to clean your hair, but it also strips all the good oils on your scalp which can dry it out. So make sure you grab something sulfate free for your hair care routine.

Use a Silk Pillowcase

I used to wake up every morning and have the craziest hair ever. I would have to spend so long getting out all the knots with the help with at least a half bottle of detangler. That is until Amazon blessed me with a silk pillowcase and that has made all the difference.


Don’t Brush Your Hair When it’s Wet

Your wet hair is fragile and easily broken, which is why ripping a hair brush through it is no bueno. If you must, you can use a comb or a brush designed specifically for wet hair, but wait until your hair is dry to aggressively get all the knots out.

Give Yourself a Head Massage

The best part about going to the salon are the head massages and not only do they feel great, but they are beneficial too! A nice head massage promotes circulation which is great because hair science.

Hope you found these tips helpful! Let me know some of your healthy hair tips and tricks in the comments below and I’ll catch you in the next blog post.

Shannon Davis