How to Stay Sane with a Crazy Schedule

Words: Shann Eileen | Photography: Casey Jones 

This summer I'm working a pretty demanding full time job. It's only been about two weeks and between late nights and early mornings I am pretty exhausted. With such a schedule, however, making sure you take care of yourself is paramount. So here are a few ways I try to stay sane with a crazy schedule. 

Make Time for Friends 

At work we're surrounded by people needing things from us and a laundry list of things to do. Not only is it physically exhausting, but mentally draining. Planning time with friends who just want to spend time with you for you is a great way to let loose and not feel so burnt out. That could mean getting brunch or face timing before bed because you're ten hours away from each other, either way carve out the time for the people who support and love you and you'll feel all the better for it. 


Make Time for Yourself 

Many people have been talking about self care, so this should be nothing new, but setting aside a little time each day to check in with yourself is so important, especially when life seems to be going one hundred miles an hour. It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive, it could just be writing in a journal for ten minutes, going for a run, or treating yourself to a sheet mask. Just be sure to schedule yourself some time to be able to decompress from the hectic day. 

Ask for Help 

Many people, myself included, have trouble asking for help. Leaning to be okay with the fact that you can't do everything yourself and being able to delegate will take so much stress out of your day. Your friends, family, and coworkers want to help you. I like to remind myself that if a friend were coming to me for help of course I would do whatever I could to support them. 


Get Moving 

For me, working out helps me stay calm, happy, and grounded. If I haven't been able to workout in a while I can definitely notice a difference in my overall mood. You don't need to go to the gym and hit the weights, unless you want to, to get your body moving. Go for a walk, ride your bike, or do an at home workout. There are so many resources online and opportunities in you community that you really have no excuse! 

Prioritize Sleep 

It can be really difficult to get you eight to nine hours of recommended sleep. Usually when we're busy and stressed getting enough sleep is put on the bottom of the list and shoved to the back of our minds. Setting up a bedtime routine that really gets us ready to settle down for the night can mean an even better morning. 


Remember Your Goals 

When your drowning in homework and emails and starting to feel seriously drained, it's important to remember why you're choosing to be so busy. Remind yourself why you're working so hard and what you're working towards so you don't feel like giving up. Life won't always be this crazy, everything is temporary. So enjoy what you can of this time in your life and try and make the most of it. 

How do you stay sane with a crazy schedule? Let me know in the comments below!