Facetory Subscription Box Review

Words & Photography: Shann Eileen

Over the years I've become slowly more and more obsessed with skincare. Anybody who has a passion for skincare will tell you that Korea is at the forefront of the beauty world. So if you're not already using any Korean products or following their skincare routine, I would highly recommend giving sheet masks a go. Reddit user randystyle21 attests to their popularity on Asian Beauty, "When someone asks me what the most unique Korean beauty product is, I will say 'sheet mask' without one second of hesitation."  Some might use them for special occasions only, but they've become part of my daily routine. With each mask having their own special concoction of essences, active ingredients, and serums you can really customize your experience to suit your skin's changing needs. 


So now that you know why you need sheet masks in your life, where can you get your hands on them? Luckily they've become increasingly more popular in the U.S. with stores like Target carrying different fun options to choose from (Read Trying New Face Masks), but because you're cool you want to get your hands on the latest and greatest sheet masks straight from Korea. So do I (twins!), which is why I decided to give Facetory's subscription box a go. If you haven't heard of them they hand pick sheet masks and bring them right to your door. What's even better is they give you a little card detailing the amazing ingredients each mask has and how best to use it. 


I decided to get the seven lux box and also received two free masks for signing up (score!). I have definitely discovered some new favorites and will be stocking up on those again. My favorites being the Collagen Melting-Chou Mask and the Meringue Cloud mask. I had never tried bubble masks before, the kind that foam and fizz, but was happily surprised with the experience. There was unfortunately one bad egg, the Anti-Wrinkle Bio Cellulose mask was a major fail. Unlike the other masks which perfectly conformed to my face, this one was made out of a hard material and all the essence ended up being in the bottom of the bag and not on the sheet. However, for the price ($15.95 plus $3.95 in shipping) I wasn't too bothered by the one let down, especially since the other eight masks were a dream.  


Have you tried any sheet masks I need to get my hands on? How many times have I said 'sheet masks' in this post, haha. Let me know of any product recommendations in the comments below!