Friday Night Outfit

Been a minute since I've done an outfit/fashion related post! This one I'm super excited about, as it's a bit different and outside my comfort zone. I've been really into experimenting with style lately, so keep your eyes peeled for more outfit posts and let me know in the comments if you have any style suggestions! 


I went for a rocker vibe for this outfit, all basing it around my new fav t-shirt from Dazey LA, and really liked how it turned out. The vinyl jacket was a hand me down from my mom and I haven't worn it a ton because it feels a bit much for a casual everyday look, but I love how it elevates this outfit. 


Been seeing many a blogger wearing vinyl and I'll try anything once, but how do we feel about vinyl pants? I can't decide how I feel about them, maybe I should try a pair on? Haha. Now those would be quite a statement, especially in a small midwestern town. What do you guys think?