A Gift Guide for Your College Girl

With Christmas coming up it's time to get shopping! Sometimes however it can be really difficult to find that special something for that special someone. So if you have a daughter, niece, or friend in college don't worry! I've done all the hard work and made a list of items that any college girl will love! 

kate spade planner.PNG
kate spade pencil case.PNG

 My favorite thing about getting ready for school is buying new stationery for the year! To me there's nothing better than a brand new planner with a matching pencil case. Who says staying organized needs to look boring? Gift your college girl some adorable stationery so she can stay on top of her homework and look fabulous while doing it! The above items (buy here) are from Kate Spade, the queen of gorgeous stationery. 


Polaroid cameras have come back in popularity recently. The Impossible Project has played a big role in that as well as cheaper updated versions (here, here) of the classic cameras. These cameras are so fun especially now that everything is online we hardly ever print photos anymore! Now you only have to wait a couple seconds after you snap a pic for it to develop, and watching the picture come to life is half the fun! You can also buy fun scrapbooks specifically made for polaroid size pictures (here) as well as fun ways to artfully display them around your room (here, here). You can find a lot of polaroid cameras online, but if you want to get a vintage version hit up your local antique stores and see if they have any in stock! Definitely don't bother buying one off Urban Outfitters as those can cost well over $100. I found my Sun 600 polaroid camera down the road at an antique shop for just $7! There's always the risk of it not working, but I think it's worth saving that chunk of change. 

initial necklace gift idea.PNG

Personalized jewelry is a cute way to show you were thinking of them, whether that's jewelry with their birthstone, initials (here), or star sign(here). Rose gold jewelry has been a favorite of mine recently (here) and definitely a favorite among girls my age!  I would recommend going for a necklace if you're unsure of their ring size and can't remember if they still have there ears pierced. 


For a less expensive option let her treat herself to an at home pamper sesh wit bath bombs (here), face masks (here), candles to set the mood (here), and room spray to create that spa like feel (here). 


Give your college girl a pretty and inspiring print that she can hang in her dorm room to make a more beautiful and personalized space. Lauren Taylor is an amazing illustrator (her Instagram) who creates colorful and cute prints (here). She also makes phone cases (here) with the same feminine and fun designs. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my gift ideas list! What's on your Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments below!